Integrating Writing into Course Offerings:

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Writing Board Grant Proposal for Expanding WI Opportunities within a Department or Program Academic Year 2013-2014: WI Opportunity Expansion Grant 13-14

Last year, the Provost approved writing intensive grants for three departments. The departments wanted to identify the ways in which they could include writing as a more integral part of their curricula. The departments explored curricular reform in a variety of ways. For example, one department brought in a writing expert in the discipline, while another department took this opportunity to include faculty in a discussion and a review of their course offerings, and thus, revamp their curriculum to include writing-intensive opportunities throughout their course offerings.

As one of the short-term goals, the Board decided to continue to provide resources to interested departments that would enable them to take initial steps in creating writing-intensive courses. While still in the process of formulating a comprehensive plan for a Writing in the Disciplines (WID) program at UMBC, the Board believes it is important to support those departments that want to explore writing-intensive courses within the context of their discipline.

As a result, the Board has developed a call for proposals. Proposals will be reviewed by the Writing Board, and three proposals will be selected annually. Those departments submitting successful proposals will receive $5,000.00.

Sample Reports from prior grants: